Every home and situation is different. 

New builds offer some advantages and efficiencies, for example; all new services, no complexities in marrying the old with the new, quicker and easier framing, deeper basement heights, easier window installations (no brick moulds). However, building new is a greater financial commitment both in construction and municipal fees.

Many existing homes have good footings, solid foundation walls and the integrity of the home is mostly intact so why add the additional costs of building new.

Also, some older homes have set backs that are grandfathered and the city would never allow a new building as close to the existing neighbours, so tearing down would be a mistake.

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Banks DO NOT like construction lending. WHY? They have a perfectly leveraged asset in your home and the minute you start demolition, that asset is eroded.

Lending rules for construction financing are onerous with costly appraisals, progress inspections, legal fees, advances, hold backs and so on and so on.

You have a great job, equity in your home, a perfect credit score, solid banking history and still the bank said no. Many of our past home owners have come to us with that sad story. We can help.

A.M. Pro Builders have established contacts in the private lending market as well as our own private capital reserve. 

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A.M. Pro Builders have completed hundreds of projects from beginning to end, without the need of a professional designer.

We have a substantial system for selecting finishes, which makes that process easy. One of our partners, will guide you along the way, making suggestions for finishes and colours, while making sure your tastes are realized as well.

In larger scale project however, when detailed finishes co-ordinated with window coverings, furniture and added complex details are required we at A.M. Pro Builders can refer our home owners to a number of top designers.

We suggest you always try to maximize you’re building size. 

Though we recognize that a walk-in closet, extra bedroom, a rear addition and new kitchen are all great initially, we always want to make sure our home owners build or renovate for the future.

For example;  one home owner decided on a second floor addition, complete redo of the main floor and for budget reasons, they left the basement unfinished…three years later they wanted to finish the basement and unfortunately, the cost was nearly 35 percent higher than during the initial build-out. 

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A square footage price should ONLY be used as a guideline. 

A.M. Pro Builders believes this system of job costing is too vague. It’s the quick “ball park” method that can easily result in surprises for the home owners and the builders.   

We produce a detailed quotation and scope of work which itemizes our exact build-out. Our project cost and construction budgets are calculated using spreadsheets that factor in details such as material and trade increases. 

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